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Architecture is a combination of myriad fields like history, art, technology, humanity (psychology), environment, cultural and traditional knowledge systems. I am more fascinated by the process of creating something real from its abstract form. Designing and constructing a physical structure is not just science but an art. This contrast in the subject which allows one to engage both creatively and scientifically has been the reason that has led me to channel my proclivity for it, which eventually led me to choosing architecture as a career path. During the five years I spent studying architecture, I developed a keen interest in urbanism. This influenced my choice of picking an elective in urban planning, which I enjoyed thoroughly. My thesis…show more content…
I also gave creative inputs in events such as short-filmmaking and in designing costumes for fashion shows. I also honed my skills in writing which led me to being a part of the editorial group for the college magazine, and to take part in journalism competitions organized by the National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA). I always seized an opportunity to attend design walks, seminars and workshops that were conducted in the city and outside, where eminent architects put forth their ideas, philosophy, studies and…show more content…
The workshop involved seminars, site visits and hands-on approach to alternative construction technology that primarily used exposed bricks, mud, rubble masonry, and bamboo. This workshop introduced me to COSTFORD, a firm founded by architect Laurie Baker, which propagates and popularizes alternative construction technology. This catalysed my decision in pursuing an internship at COSTFORD. Apart from working on a large-scale rehabilitation project and designing residences, I was also a part of the measure drawing and detailed documentation of a few buildings by Laurie Baker. This experience gave me a completely different perspective on how to perceive spaces. I completed my internship bagging the principles, ideas and philosophy left behind by Laurie Baker.
Upon graduating, I commenced working for Venkatramanan Associates, a firm that specialises in architecture and urban design, in Bangalore, India. Under the supervision of an urban designer, I worked on redevelopment of Church Street in Bangalore. I gained tremendous knowledge in this process that drew together the many strands of place-making required to create a public space that prioritizes the comfort and safety of pedestrians and

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