Statement Of Purpose In Civil Engineering

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To serve the community at a greater scale through which I can shows my responsibilities to the world, it was 2009 when I have been started studying Civil Engineering as my undergraduate study where most of the topics seemed very interesting to me and that is why I am intended to pursue the higher studies in this field. It is my immense interest that encourages to involve myself to the broad aspect of Civil Engineering by which I can utilize my all potentialities to buildup myself as a good scholar as well as an effective professional. I am from such a country where we are fighting everyday to get the light of education. Only the incessant motivation keeps us alive towards the track of knowledge. Seemingly such an unfavorable condition,…show more content…
My main interest in Environmental and Water Resource Engineering has been based upon several important topics that I firmly believe nontrivial in the field of Civil Engineering such as Groundwater Hydrology, waste water management, river engineering, flood control, environmental risk assessment etc. and the latitude has been tempered when I have been started my undergraduate research on rainwater harvesting system for high-rise building. My interest has also reflected by my academic result in the field of various Environmental and Water Resource Engineering topics that I have attended in undergraduate studies. I also maintained a good academic result in the every aspects of Civil Engineering as a result I have been selected for Dean’s List Award which is one of the most prestigious award for academic performance. My undergraduate research also led my attitudes towards the further study that will give me pragmatic solution of some extremely complex…show more content…
These credence’s are depicted by my contributions as an undergraduate researcher associated in the program of Civil Engineering at University of Asia pacific. I began conducting research with my supervisor in the field of Water Resource Engineering and have worked on a project focused on the Rainwater Harvesting System for the high-rise buildings. The main purpose of this research is to develop an alternative source of water that can be use by residents of a particular building mainly for toilet flushing, house cleansing and washing cloths. Another focus of this study was to mitigate the financial cost associated with the billing of water. Conducting research has required a copious knowledge and widespread information’s regarding water resource as well as Environmental Engineering. It has extended my experiences on the large scale lab experiments, field works. Being an active undergraduate researcher has held me to a level of responsibility and accountability similar to what I expect to encounter in graduate school. Lastly, as a Master’s student my goal is to make a direct contribution to the growth and advancement of the field of Environmental engineering through my research and

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