My Essay On The Qualities Of An Objective Leader

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“All it takes is one idea to solve an impossible problem” - Robert H. Schuller.
I read this as I was surfing the website of your esteemed organization and this is what I follow.

I choose to believe that some qualities are just inherent in an individual that one needs to recognise, nurture and use productively. For me, those qualities are the analytical and managerial abilities which I have inherited from my parents.
My analytical skills come from my dad, who is an engineer by profession. I have seen him analyze a problem, emphasizing on minute details and looking at the big picture before coming to a conclusion which has always led to successful delivery. On the other hand, I imbibed the managerial abilities from my mom. Being a home-maker,
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I have participated in various extra-curricular activities like debating and anchoring, and cultural events like music and dance which have brought me numerous accolades. I was instrumental in the fest organized in my college and was also the coordinator of the Cultural Committee in my final year. All these events have helped me gain distinct experiences. For example, while I was the coordinator of the cultural committee, it helped me hone my leadership qualities. Taking up a responsibility and working on it to deliver the best gives me utmost…show more content…
College of Information studies provides me with the best and most suited curriculum by combining 3 different fields, Data Analytics, Strategic Management and Information Systems which would be a huge advantage to accelerate my growth in the field of analytics. Apart from academics, The University of Maryland, has a large cultural diversity which allows ample exposure to the outside world. This would help me experience and acknowledge diverse ideas of people from every corner of the

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