Statement Of Purpose In Journalism

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Statement of Purpose “All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level.” These wonderfully wise words by Sir William Bernbach, an American advertising creative director, reveal the entire essence of the media. Today, it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools that can shape the public opinion. To add my own contribution to the development of society as a journalist means to analyze how media is and can be used for the greater good of people. The best part about being a journalist is meeting new people and having the opportunity to tell their stories on a broader spectrum. There are so many amazing happening around the world and to experience them first-hand and deliver a product to others is incredible. My goal is to bring light to the positive news occurring worldwide. This can include anything from sports, food, travel, entertainment etc. As I 've completed my undergraduate studies in Home Science Extension (Major Home Science) my skills have become more suited to the field of journalism. The well-structured curriculum at the Department of Home Science Extension offered a wide variety of courses such as Introduction to Journalism, Introduction to Mass Communication, Radio and Television Journalism, Public Speaking among others which enhanced my penchant for professing a career in the media. Now, I would like to pursue my Master’s in Journalism

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