Statement Of Purpose In Structural Engineering

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My undergraduate studies at the University of Tehran (UT) were a valuable opportunity to seek my talents, interests, and the needs of the world to find their intersection. It helped me become well acquainted with different areas of Civil Engineering, among which I took a special interest in structural engineering.
Looking for something beyond the routine undergraduate courses, I embarked on a research career early, by the beginning of my second year as an undergraduate student; which, indeed, proved to be very challenging. Every day I had to wake up early in the morning and work late after the midnight to keep up with my classes so as to remain a top student along with carrying out research activities. From the outset, it was the strong desire to deepen my knowledge and apply it to something practical that spurred me into studying different books and research papers, learning numerical techniques, and writing programs with MATLAB and FORTRAN. Also, another major incentive was the interest I took in solid and structural mechanics by studying different books such as those authored by Prof. Logan and Prof. Shames . After months of intense activity, I managed to complete a paper on differential transform method. Although it was merely
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First, I have found teaching to be most desirable and exciting; hence wanting it to be a part of my future career. Second, I realized that in order to convey the main concepts effectively, a teacher has to have a vast command of the subject; which encouraged me to study further reference books to expand my knowledge of structural analysis. Third, I fully appreciated that good teaching cannot be practiced properly without underlying research , which has significantly increased my aspiration for a research career and pursuing my PhD
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