Statement Of Purpose Of Martin Luther King's Letter To Birmingham

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Throughout his lifetime Martin Luther King made a huge impact on the world, even still to this day. Because of what he has accomplished his legacy will forever live on. His courage and thrive to fight for African American freedom, we are now free from slavery. His Letter to Birmingham gives you an insight on how things were for African Americans back then. It shows the police brutality that was going on, the challenges AAs had to face, and the adversity that was going on. To justify his desire for racial justice and equality, he uses ethical, emotional and logical appeals. The purpose of the letter was to address one of the biggest issues Birmingham was facing at the time. He begins by stating his point in nonviolent protests and that it is a lawful act as blacks civil rights movement. He further explains his motives saying that it is time for black men to have the same rights as whites. Dr.King later states that segregation laws are “not only politically, economically, and sociologically…show more content…
Regardless of how many times the protest went left, he still believed they were the best way to solve the problems they were facing. While negotiating, store keepers guaranteed that racial signs would be removed from their store. After weeks of waiting either the signs were put right back up or never taken down. That left the last option of direct action. Martin Luther King Junior is one of the most influential civil right activists of modern times. Reading this letter has made me wonder how an eloquent man such as Martin Luther King be criticized, imprisoned and eventually assassinated. The issues of segregation have been well worn since Martin Luther King 's time, but his words still hold passion and wisdom. His work on these issues was groundbreaking and I doubt our country would be as it is today if Dr. King had never spoken
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