Statement Of Purpose Of Mechanical Engineering

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Since from my childhood, my interest is always been with mechanical devices. I always wanted to

know how devices from designing to manufacturing. My curiosity on devices made me

disassemble and reveal the inner functions of them. Support from my parents, encouragement from

teachers and my keen interest in science and technology, made me choose to engineer as the

perfect career choice.

Right from the beginning of my education I have shown a keen interest in mathematics and physics

that have strengthened my quantitative and analytical skills. This strength empowered me to secure

90% in SSC (10th grade). I passed my senior secondary school with 98.7% in mathematics and 90%

in physics respectively and I gained an overall percentage of 95.2% marks in Mathematics, Physics

and Chemistry, which were my main subjects. The competitive spirit within me has played a key role

in all my academic successes.

Pursuing engineering as my future was a natural decision to be taken because of my love towards

science and technology. To study in this field, I had to overcome hurdles, a common entrance

examination, which I had to take along with hundreds of thousands of students, all aspiring to get

through. I passed with great desire, being placed in the top 1.5% of all students who took the

examination. I took up Mechanical Engineering in prestigious Koneru Lakshmaiah University as my

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