Statement Of Purpose: The Coolidge Scholarship

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Ever since I can recall, I remember making big plans for my future, butt I did not know, at that age, that college was actually something that had to be payed for. Even though I eventually realized it, it still didn’t make me stray from my path, on the contrary, it gave me more of a reason as to why I should aspire to do better than my surroundings. As the oldest child, I have always been told that I must be the greater example for my younger siblings as well as for others. Up until my early teenage years I did not understand why I should be a distinguished person for others and not for myself. I now yearn to become someone to make the world a better place. To do this I must first make something out of myself, receiving the Coolidge scholarship would be make a difference in my life, more precisely, in the path of achieving…show more content…
By getting accepted as a Coolidge I will have the mentoring experience that I have always wished for. I will also get to become an impregnable leader through the training program. This is important because to improve a community one has to be an exemplary leader first. Furthermore, I would love to become a greater leader because currently in my generation, regrettably, only one member has gone to college. My parents unfortunately did not even get a full elementary education because of this I see on a daily basis how a life without proper education is like. For instance, my father has to be ready for work by four in the morning to provide for our family, of six including me, with enough and apart from that we rely heavily on government assistance. Since I experience this I know that I want to become a leader so I can break this cycle in my family. I believe I deserve this scholarship because I am a responsible, respectful and reliable person, and I will be able to live up to the expectations. I know I would prosper in the
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