Statement Of Purpose To Study Gender Studies

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I first learned about feminism when I was in high school. My strong interest in feminism motivated me to study political science in university. My excellent test scores gained me admission to National Taiwan University, the highest-ranking university in Taiwan, and I entered the college of political science to study international relations. But my expectation was betrayed since my feminist ideals were frequently and aggressively challenged by the courses and classmates. My classes taught me that realism should always be the first concern and that material factors are more critical, the beliefs and goals asserted by feminism seemed to be so impractical and idealized in stark contrast. I began to doubt myself and feminism. But these frustration turned out to be my motivation to combine international relations and feminism. By taking gender studies programs and independent learning, I realized that feminism and gender studies have made significant contributions to the world and gender itself is the core component of international relations. Thus, I began to question the powerful political and…show more content…
During my Master’s studies, I pursued a dual major in international relations and political science since I believed the more I learned, the more being capable of deconstructing the conventional narrative. In my life in graduate, I found my interest of being a teacher and the interest of interdiscipline study.

First, though I was still challenge for my preference of gender studies from my classmates, I found myself turning out to enjoy how to tell, or even to persuade them, the importance of gender studies and how feminism impacted political theories. Also, with my job as a teaching assistant, I found my passion in advocating and telling others the importance of gender

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