Statement Of Purpose: Veterinary Technician

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Watching from the audience at Governor’s State University on May 17th 2015, I could not have been more proud; my girlfriend Nicole was graduating with honors. Walking on stage to get her diploma, she accomplished her goals and received her Bachelors in Criminal Justice. The struggles she went through while juggling being not only in the Navy, but a full time student and employee was stressful. She persevered regardless of the obstacles that came her way. As she stood there in her cap and gown holding her diploma, it inspired me to follow my own dreams. About eight years ago as an unfocused teenager with no aspirations, nothing seemed to interest me. When my dog passed away, it was heart breaking. He developed a tumor which caused him to have seizures. Unable to help him, I felt incompetent. From that experience, Veterinary Medicine intrigued me. Researching the career of Veterinary Technician, my tasks include testing lab samples and giving x-rays, as well as…show more content…
As a result of being dedicated to my job, I got promoted to Assistant Manager. Realizing working hard can accomplish anything, I gained confidence in myself. As time went on working at my profession, my goals on school were forgotten. Envisioning more for my future, I decided to go after my dream as Nicole did and applied to Wright College. Having a clearer view of what I want in my future, I will do anything necessary to accomplish my goals. Asking for help is essential to my growth as a student. For this class, guidance will be sought after through labs, in addition, to asking peers who are experienced to proof read my papers. Through this college experience, it will challenge me to become a more ambitious and determined person. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to start my

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