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ABSTRACT The significance of title of the project is to calculate the static and the dynamic characteristics of Helicopter rotor wings have been analyzed with ANSYS software package. During the analysis of rotor blades, the influence of aerodynamic force and centrifugal forces are applied with the comparison of weight for two different materials (Aluminium and composite material). In static analysis, analyze angular velocity and gravity of earth. During dynamic analysis, to calculate the natural frequency and modal shape of rotor blade is modulating those frequencies and avoiding resonance during rotational speed, then the vibration level of helicopter may reduce. The procedural step includes various aspects such as selecting the material based…show more content…
When the pointing location is located, the maximum stress occurs. The yield strength of the material is 170 Mpa. Further modal analysis is done to check the dynamic behavior of helicopter rotor blade. 1.7.Dynamic Analysis Of Helicopter Rotor Blade The dynamic analysis of rotor blade is mainly involved in the parameters of about natural frequency and modal shape. The main objective to calculate the natural frequency and modal shape of rotor blade and modulating those frequencies for avoiding resonance at rotational speed, thus the vibrations in the helicopter may reduce. In theory, the stiffness of composite material is not the simple summation of stiffness of each constituted material, viz. EI ≠ Σ E I i . On the other hand, the inter laminar constrainer has little effect on stiffness ( < 2% ),EI = Σ E I i , Young’s Modulus E , equivalent Poisson’s Ratio μ and equivalent density ρ . Methodology: Develop a 3D model. The 3D model is created using PRO E software. The 3D model is converted into parasolid and imported into ANSYS to do modal analysis. Calculate natural frequencies and plot their mode shapes. 3.8 Mode

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