Static Character In Julius Caesar

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Characters in a book, a play, or a movie are like people in real life, everyone is different. Whether they are stoic, emotional, aloof or spontaneous, each character has their own unique personality. In the play Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare does a good job at developing many characters diverse in nature. One character specifically is Brutus. Brutus, although not the main character of the play, he appears the most throughout the book, and helps further develop the story. The play starts out with Julius Caesar returning from war. In fear that he will become king and a tyrant, Brutus’ friend, Cassius decides to form a “conspiracy” to kill Caesar. They get Brutus to join them, and they successfully stab Caesar to death. Chaos erupts and Mark Antony, Caesar’s friend, vows revenge on those who killed Caesar. Although Brutus is stoic, and for the most part is a static character, he is a well developed character with…show more content…
Brutus made justified actions in result of his internal conflicts. He believes that Caesar is not fit to be a king, and will become dictatorial. This problem plagued Brutus for several sleepless nights. He finally came to his conclusion that, for the better of Rome, he must stop Caesar before he gets too powerful (II, i, 34-36). As he joins the Conspiracy to kill Caesar, he believes the rest of the Conspirators have the same view as him. However, he does not know that they have only joined for selfish reasons. Brutus is the only Conspirator that is truly justified, because he spent so long trying to find the best solution for everyone, where everyone else just joined out of spite. Once the deed is done, the people of Rome become terrified of the Conspirators, until Brutus proves his own justified reasons for killing Caesar (III, ii, 24-26). Brutus chose his actions in a justified manner, that set him apart from the other characters from this
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