Static Friction Experiment

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There are two (main) different types of friction: static friction and kinetic friction. Kinetic friction is the movement of an object as it slides on a surface due to applied force upon the resting object. Static friction is the friction between a motionless object and the surface on where the object is resting on. A force must be applied to make the object move; which will be done in my experiment. This experiment is to observe what angle presented will allow the mass to slide down the ramp. This investigates how friction and mass corresponds with each other and using this experiment I can identify that. 5 different masses will be used to slide down the ramp to observe the different effects on the ramp.

Research Question:
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However, I think they could have been more reliable if the intervals between each weight were constant. I started off by going every 50 grams, which then went to every 100 grams. I think it would have given the data results more precision and the pattern and outcome of the graph might have had a better trendline. Fortunately with the materials I had in the experiment, there was some precision, as I was the only one to control the board. Perhaps the one downfall was my method as I had to perform my experiment 2 times before getting the data I wanted, because I was confused on the data I was receiving the first time as they were all the similar. Additionally, in my method I stated that my experiment will be performed twice for validity in my results, and I believe that it did make it more reliable because it brought more accuracy into the experiment. As seen in the table for data processing the heights differed a bit in the 2 trials, which is probably the reason for that I was not always certain of where the mass had started rolling, not making the experiment valid. With a little help from the teacher, I was able to perform my experiment and create sufficient data to make my table and graph. I think the data that I received from this experiment were relevant as the results were unexpected and contradicted my hypothesis giving me a different result to my research question. Next time for more reliability and validity in my experiment, I can find a way to make sure that as soon as the mass starts sliding the height is measured automatically. This can require an extra hand to help in the

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