Station Master Case Study

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The organisation I have chosen is Station Master. Station Master is a company based in Celbridge Co, Kildare, Ireland. They provide both software and hardware to small supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores. Station Master also links to third party peripherals such as Topups, Cigarettes, Chip&Pin and Codax machines which help to keep the Retailer in full control of all of the systems in the shop. The reason I have chosen this organisation is because I work part time in a petrol station and I know both the pros and cons of using the Station Master software.
What is big data? Big data is a term used to describe the large volume of data, both structured and unstructured, that inundates an organisation on a day to day basis. The importance
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This data has the ability to be harnessed and used for business applications. An example of public data would be energy use in homes. Private data regards to information held by private organisations and is not intended for public use. An example of this would be the details of a business transaction. Data exhaust is data that has been collected but has limited or zero use to the original data collector. Community data is unstructured data that is collected and is used to capture social trends e.g. an online review of a product. Self-quantification data refers to data collected by one’s own behaviour and activities. A common example of this is a fitness watch which monitors movement, heart-rate and calories burned by the user. Self-quantification data helps build a bridge between behaviour and…show more content…
The biggest opportunity that a firm has while using Station Master’s software is that they can control everything that goes on in the firm all on one system. This is far more efficient than using multiple systems as it saves the firm time, both on a day to day basis and it also saves a lot of time when it comes to staff training, as members of staff only need to be educated in using the Station Master software. This use of only one system makes it easier for the management of the firm to access any information that they may be wishing to access as all the records of every transaction is stored on the Station Master software. The Station Master software creates a huge opportunity to any firm that wishes to use it as it provides the opportunity for the firm to run more efficiently than they previously had done
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