Statistical Discrimination In The Workplace

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Discrimination happens in many forms in our modern day society. Statistical Discrimination occurs widely in various factors in the workplace, which mostly focus on the information collected from the data. Statistical Discrimination uses a wide array of information from the statistics as a factor in judging an individual based off the present information. When thinking about Statistical discrimination , it is important to take note of the importance of the numbers being presented in the analysis. The data conferred from the analysis concludes the assorted types of groups that fall into this analysis. Even though Statistical discrimination is established on justifiable behavior, it is not viewed as discrimination taken into account…show more content…
Employers might look for the presentation and quality as a factor, but the determinant of statistical discrimination lies as another factor. The use of statistical discrimination occurs when employers do not know much about individual’s productivity level, and they usually hold the belief about the productivity and differences across these different groups. For example suppose that two types of keyboards exist- a low quality and high quality. The high quality is obviously going to produce more words at a faster rate than the low quality keyboard, which may not produce as much of an equal amount as the high quality keyboard. The example portrays the differences in the quality and identification that employers look for when hiring people. As stated in Chapter _, it stated “ mainly as content to focus on the ways such traits as ethnicity, “race,” or gender serve as proxies for characteristics clearly related to “ getting the job done,” such as schooling, experience, or the ability to learn.” (PG 152). As mentioned before in the example, employers will look at the quality of the individual. Whether it is from race or gender discrimination, the analysis is based upon these factors. Overall, statistical discrimination is the basis of denying opportunity to certain people and opening up the door for
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