Statue Of Liberty Analysis

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Have you ever seen a glizining women that has caught everyone 's eye as she stands showing off for the world to see? The Statue of Liberty is a famous statue in United States History. The statue has stood through four of the five United States wars. It is also the first thing that one would see as they come into New York Harbor, as an immigrant to the United States. The Statue of Liberty uses the rhetorical strategies of logic, passion, symbolism, and irony to inform people about the rich history of the United States. The first strategy the statue employes is logic. The logic is seen all over the statue from its broken shackles to the island it sits on, everything is very logical and thought out. The broken shackles represent “freedom and the abolishing of slavery” (Source A) because this statue was given to the “United States by France as a gift” (Source A) after the Revolutionary War, as a result of this war, as also seen by the broken shackles, slavery was abolished and slaves earned their freedom. Freedom is also represented in another way by the statue. As boats come into New York Harbor the first thing they see is “Liberty Island” (Source A) and the Statue of Liberty. This is another reason why the statue was placed where it was, because as soon as one comes into New York Harbor they know that America represents freedom and liberty,…show more content…
The statue shows how passionate americans are for their country and their willingness to accept new immigrants with open arms. But America is not the only country for freedom, but most of the present day world is for freedom. The Statue of Liberty is a “universal sign for freedom” (Source B) People all over the world want to be free and do whatever they please, this is what the Statue of Liberty stands for. And this statue has been encouraging people to do what they love, and be free since “1886, when the Statue started welcoming immigrants” (Source A) into
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