Status Of African American Women Essay

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since then. The factor we will look at contributing to the happiness of American women is the relative income between partners in a marriage, looking at both the happiness of white and African American women we will see the difference in how the relation of relative income affects the marriage of the partners. It turns out that the marital happiness of African American and white women is influenced the relative income of the partners under special circumstances. As Furdyna and Tucker and James indicate from their findings whites are more likely than African Americans to report high marital happiness. They also found that African American wives are more likely to earn as much or more than their husbands. White women on the other hand, were more likely to earn less than half of their husbands’ earnings. It is worthwhile to note that although this is…show more content…
In 1927, the Chinese government started making some efforts to improve the status of women. They introduced legislation to offer women more legal rights in education, marriage, education, and property, the government had no intention to change the patriarchal system in any substantial ways though, so this legislation was rarely put into practice. When the China Communist Party came to power in 1949 the status of women was improved in many ways, The Marriage Law of 1950 granted women the freedom of marriage and divorce. The Election Law of 1953 gave women the same rights to vote as men and women were given the right to possess or inherit property. The party encouraged women to participate in the social production of a new society based on the principles of socialism (Zhou, 2003). The factor we will try to understand the happiness of women in China is what affect earning more money than their partner has on the happiness in the

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