Statutory Rape Laws

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There is to many violence opportunities in this country. There are different levels of violence such as murder, assault/battery, robbery a theft combined with the use of force, various types of homicides, including murder and manslaughter, kidnapping, armed robbery, and sexual assault crimes. Though there is sub groups to the sexcual assult crimes. Such as rape, consensual rape, sexual battery or criminal sexual penetration. Though the main difference is the consent aspect of it. Rape would be an act of sexual intercourse using force or threat towards the person which can also cause unlawful body injury on the victim. Remembering that the victims do not give any form of consent to the person. Statutory rape is when both of the people engaging…show more content…
Another fact that can be brought up is that some minors are more mature than others. So why doesn 't this change the statutory rape laws. To make sure every court has an equal understanding otherwise it would only favor those on each case.To base Statutory laws on situational factors is really unfair. Laws can not be changed on each case basis. It is only fair when applied equally for everyone. That is why the state has chose the certain age that is reasonable for the people to consent. Though the individual cases for the reasons of health and drugs would have a different outcome connecting with the laws. These laws may annoy those few minors that are capable of granting consent, but they tend to protect far more minors who think sex isn 't a big deal. Therefore Statutory rape laws should not be changes since they really help individuals that are not ready for this step to becoming a victim to rape other than few…show more content…
Though on a personal level and subjectively. A big aspect of all this can be on the age of consent in each state. Once someone reaches the age of consent they can have sex with anyone older than them. In every state the age of consent can be from 16 through 18. In one state the age of consent is 18 so a 17 year old there having sex with a 25 year old man would be illegal, but if you go to another state with a consent of age 16 it would okay to have sex with that 25 year old man. If we are to do this then we all should be equal with the law and not based on each state. Also stating that some minors are more mature and logical than others. Depending on the youth, some can give understanding consent. A minor might understand enough to make this very large step with full a mature aspect about sex. While others might never develop the ability to make mature choices about sex. Since many are still naive about this situation and do not really take

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