Stay Gold Quotes In The Outsiders

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“Stay Gold Ponyboy. Stay Gold.” is a quote that is in the book,”The Outsiders.” The book is shown in the view of a Greaser, the lower class people that are in the book. Ponyboy the main character has a friend that is dying, his name is Johnny Cade. Johnny saves children inside of a burning church that was caused by them. Due to his actions that afternoon, he was badly burnt and had his back paralyzed. He can no longer move from his waist down. This quote is said when Johnny dies, he tells Ponyboy this to encourage him to keep going in life. This quote is stated as meaning that when you are young, you see things as new and fresh. Johnny wants Ponyboy to keep exploring and look for new things to enjoy while he can. He wants Ponyboy to see the
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