Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes Book Report

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Courage, what is courage? Well from the dictionary the word courage means "the ability to do something that frightens one and strength in the face of pain or grief”. Courage is something that people display in their everyday life, you see courage on the streets, at school and maybe even at home but you probably never even notice it or even thought about it. The book Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes was written by Chris Crutcher, this book is filled with courageousness, mystery and spine chilling events. Through all the misery Eric went through in this book is unbelievable, he stays courageous to keep his friend Sarah safe and keep her feeling special, at least special to Eric. Eric was filled with courage throughout this whole book by staying calm in scary scenarios, staying fat for Sarah through all the years they have been friends and standing up to Virgil Byrnes while he was a major threat to Eric and Sarah.

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Eric was also very courageous for staying Fat for Sarah. Eric was a chubby child who didn 't do any sports, then he started getting involved with swimming and as he started to love the sport he kept doing it, and as he kept doing it he started losing weight. Eric started realizing that his weight was just shedding off of his body so as it came to meal time he would eat more and more to stay fat because he wanted to stay friends with Sarah and he thought the only way he could do that was to stay fat, so every night he started eating double his real meal. “Now Sarah Byrnes is here. My best friend. I stayed fat a whole year for her” (7) Sarah wrote a letter to Eric telling him about the reason why she went to the Sacred Heart Hospital. She also was explaining how thankful she 's is to have a good friend like Eric who stayed fat for her. This letter was written on page (174-179). Eric was courageous for staying fat, because he liked this girl named Jody Mueller. Eric wanted to lose weight but he knew Sarah 's friendship was way more important than
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