Staying Organized In School

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Staying Organized in School This issue’s topic: organization. I know that there are middle schoolers out there who desperately need to get organized. But the problem is…. it’s just so HARD. It doesn’t have to be, though, if you have the write method. Here are some tips to get your locker, expando/binder, and school life running smoothly. Tip 1: Get a good backpack. Don’t buy one just for looks because it will probably end up falling apart. One with lots of room and several compartments. Designate the different sections: a pocket for homework, gym clothes, books and so on. A duffel bag is fine too, just make sure it’s good quality. Tip 2: Get an expando, binder, or folders to keep your papers and homework in. If you have an expando or binder (which I recommend), make sure you have dividers to label a section for each class. Also make sure you label if you use folders. When you get a worksheet for a class, put it in the correct slot…show more content…
Try to make extra time that morning so you can study well. Also make sure you have everything for school that morning. Tip 4: Going along with tip 3, if you can absolutely not get your homework done the night before (which I doubt, unless you have a game, meet, etc.) make time in the morning to finish it. Some people can focus well late at night, though. Do whatever yields quality results. Tip 5: Do not procrastinate! I know this is hard, I am a bad procrastinator myself, but you will thank yourself later. I know it’s tempting to check Snapchat for “just a few minutes” (*cough cough* a few hours) but if you finish your assignments first, you will have more time to do that later. Same goes for projects. Do that book project as soon as you can and plan your science fair project before you are supposed to. I hope this article helped you, and I hope you try out some of these tips. Remember, if you are trying your hardest, you will be
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