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Staying Sane For countless years, health has been a key factor in people’s everyday lives. We desire to know what and how to do to look thin, to stay healthy, and to not be overweight. What do people do? We spend hours looking up how to look thin, how to lose weight quickly, and look our best. That is not the most efficient way to do it. An excellent way to do it is how I define it. I define health as not overconsuming food, staying active, and being physically and mentally content with the body a person has. Being healthy mentally is so important in everyone’s personal life. I have personally dealt with being mentally unhealthy. I went into depression and I had bad anxiety. I did not want to talk, let alone be in front of a large group. I always felt like something terrible was going to happen. It was difficult overcoming my depression and anxiety problems. I had help and guidance through it all and that was very helpful. Personal health connects with mental health in many ways. Social Anxiety Disorder is a disorder that causes people to be unhealthy. This Anxiety disorder causes depression and stress in daily lives. Social Anxiety Disorder is defined as a fear of social and functional situations. (Taheri 1). This causes people to think negatively about participating in…show more content…
(1). These studies showed that Family Foundations, a low-priced psycho-educational program. that helps prevent the effects of mental health issues during pregnancy and after pregnancy. (2). This program can reduce birth problems like low birth weight and a long pregnancy stay for the mother after she gives birth. Couples who focus on this psycho-educational program can improve their role as parents, prevents mental health problems during pregnancy, and can reduce birth problems among the mother. (1). Parents need should start learning how to co-parent before the baby is born, so both knows how to take care of the

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