Stealing And Education For Leisure By Carol Ann Duffy

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How does Carol Ann Duffy create a sinister persona in the poems Stealing and Education for Leisure? Stealing and Education for Leisure are poems written by Carol Ann Duffy in the 20th century during the reign of Margaret Thatcher. The two poems depict how powerful society is; and how it can change people’s opinions of each other. Duffy portrays the two narrators as sinister and uneducated. These narrators are expressing their thoughts through a monologue. Duffy’s purpose of writing this poem is to establish how society segregates certain people; consequently, these outcasts endure a lot of suffering in hope that they will be accepted back. Additionally, it alludes to how an outcast can be so paranoid about his state; he would do despicable things as there was no one to judge them. Moreover, Duffy challenges Margaret Thatcher’s bold statement of, “There is no society,” This is challenged throughout both the poems, as Duffy highlights the influence society has on a person and their mind. Furthermore, this was a time with a lot of strife and social instability within the country, therefore Duffy presents the narrators in a sinister manner to demonstrate an outcast’s state of mind. This further supports her argument against Thatcher. Duffy creates sinister personas in these poems by using powerful language and a wide variety of imagery. Firstly, Duffy creates a sinister persona in both of these poems by using vivid imagery to portray the two narrators’ segregation from
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