Steam Locomotive Impact On American Industrial Revolution Essay

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Steam Locomotive Impact on American Industrial Revolution Imagine a world where the fastest means of transportation is riding horseback. Without the steam locomotive, that's how life would be. The steam locomotive is a steam train that revolutionized transportation on railways. Despite originating in Britain, railways made a lasting impact in America. The steam locomotive was a major part in the American industrial revolution making transportation easier, cheaper, and faster. The steam locomotive invention started with the steam engine. "This involves water and fire, which is used to create heat. Coal, or wood is frequently the fuel that is used to create the fire, although oil was also used. The fire is used to heat the water which in turn creates the steam that causes the wheels to turn"(Transportation History). Later, more efficient changes occurred to the steam engine. These changes opened the door to the creation of the steam locomotive. Through time this invention improved and spread to many countries including America. Americans can thank one train trip, in England, for that. That train trip was "In 1841, Englishman Thomas Cook, a Baptist minister, organized a train excursion for 540 parishioners to attend a temperance meeting in London. Cook negotiated a set fare for…show more content…
After being senator, he moved on to be an inventor, along with being a writer and orator (RUGGLES, John - Biographical Information). His new invention advanced Steam locomotives to new heights. Ruggles wrote that his new invention had "new and useful . . . improvements on locomotive-engines . . . by which inclined planes and hills may be ascended and heavy loads drawn up the same with more facility and economy"(Prologue: Selected Articles). His improvements prevented the steam locomotive from sliding from frost, mud, snow, and ice on the rail and wheels. This is because he made the wheels slightly wider, and by giving them multiple traction power (Prologue: Selected
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