Steam Turbine Disadvantages

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Steam Turbine Plant Steam turbine plant is commonly used in marine propulsion as it generate electricity through the rotation of the turbines that rotate because of the steam forces. In this case, no matter what type of plant and systems used in marine propulsion, they have several advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages

No Frictional Loose The usage of the steam turbine can bring benefits to the user as it has no frictional loose that usually bring problems to the reciprocating engine as it must always be maintained. (Prasanna, n.d.)
Less Space Usage Steam turbine plant does not usually used more space than other plant. This is because the working principles of the steam turbine plant does not need
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According to picture 2, heat exchanger (air heater) wills heater the compressed air from the surroundings (Mechnol, n.d). Therefore Closed Cycle Gas Turbine not need starting motor for generated 1st power cycle. The heat additionally given to the heat exchanger for constant the pressure from the external source. The power developed by high pressure working fluid increases over the turbine. The temperature of the exhaust working fluid is high; therefore it must be cooled in a pre-cooler. Process is done when same fluid as the starting cycle is sent back into the compressor. In the turbine same working fluid is always distributed. The fuel ranges from kerosene and then to the heavy oil is required for adding heat. The coal slurry enters the turbine without reducing the efficiency (Mechnol,…show more content…
Then, the spinning turbine blades rotate the turbine shaft which is connected to a generator. From the kinetic energy transfer to the mechanical energy by turbine shaft. The rotating of turbine shaft will affect the generator to power electrical energy (PowerGeneration, n.d).

Advantages of gas turbine plant.

Storage of fuel requires less area and handling is easy. Next, the cost of maintenance is less and it is simple in construction. There is no need for boiler, condenser and other accessories as in the case of steam power plants. Thus, cheaper fuel such as kerosene and paraffin, benzene and powdered coal can be used which are cheaper than petrol and diesel. In addition, gas turbine plants can be used in water scarcity areas and less pollution and less water is required (Dhiman, 2014).

Disadvantages of gas turbine plant

66% of the power developed is used to drive the compressor. Therefore the gas turbine unit has a low thermal efficiency. Second, the running speed of gas turbine is in the range of (40,000 to 100,000 rpm) and the operating temperature is as high as 1100 – 12600C. For this reason special metals and alloys have to be used for the various parts of the turbine. Third, high frequency noise from the compressor is

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