Steel Magnolias Analysis

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A movie poster is used to pull people in and to make them interested in going to see the movie. The poster for the movie Steel Magnolias, directed by Herbert Ross, simply uses images of the six main female characters. Steel Magnolias is a movie about six women living in the small southern town of Chinquapin Parrish, Louisiana, who share a strong bond of friendship and who must deal with the death of one of one of their friends. The movie reveals the strength and softness of these six women as they deal with the joys and heartaches of life, thus the title Steel Magnolias. The first thing to note are the smiles and joy that the characters seem to be displaying. It is also noted that they are paired into three separate couples, conveying…show more content…
M’Lynn is the backbone of her family dealing with a somewhat eccentric husband and two wild teenaged boys. Her biggest concern in life however, is her daughter’s health, going so far as to donate one of her kidneys to her when hers fails due to her severe diabetes. Shelby is considered the prettiest girl in town. She marries a wealthy lawyer and becomes pregnant against her doctor’s advice, a decision which ultimately leads to her death. The background colors are varying shades of pink hinting at one of the main scenes in the movie, Shelby’s wedding, in which her colors were “blush and bashful” or “pink and pink” as her mother M’Lynn described it, stating that the sanctuary looked like it had been “hosed down with Pepto Bismol”. Ultimately, Steel Magnolias is more of a tear jerker than a comedy, but the poster does a good job of not divulging too much of what the actual movie is about. Apparently the poster did the job it was meant to do as the movie became the fourteenth highest grossing film of 1989. It pulled people in and made people fall in love with the
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