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Steer wrestling is an event involving a Corriente steer weighing at least 450 pounds and a man who most likely weighs less than half that amount. “It’s highly improbable that a man could injure a steer during the steer wrestling event,” said Dr. Doug Corey, a large animal veterinarian from Pendleton, Oregon(as cited in PRCA, 2015). A cowboy who hopes to win at steer wrestling must employ the utter most finesse. Steer wrestling involves careful positioning and leverage to enable the animal to be placed on its side quickly and safely.
The three most physically challenging events are saddle bronc riding, bareback riding and bull riding, the cowboys rely on the horses and bulls that can kick high and buck powerfully. While critics of these events
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“In fact, if a flank strap is drawn so tight as to be uncomfortable, the horses and bulls will likely cease to buck or not perform to the best of their ability. The best rodeo livestock are those with a natural inclination to buck for the purpose of unseating a rider. (as cited in PRCA, 2015)” Bucking horses are not wild, but they aren’t saddle-broken either. PRCA stock contractors have spent lots of time and money researching, breeding and purchasing top bucking animals. They know better than anyone that only a small percentage of animals actually have the desire to buck. There are a number of breeding programs that are in place that are specifically to rise bucking stock. “It’s part of them,”…show more content…
The PRCA has been very proactive in establishing rules, regulations and enforcement procedures to govern the care and handling of the livestock. “The PRCA prides itself on implementing the highest standards for treatment of rodeo livestock in the business, as well as encouraging other rodeo associations to adopt similar standards” (PRCA, 2015). The livestock involved in PRCA-sanctioned events are afforded proper care and treatment through a comprehensive, award-winning livestock program and the enforcement of livestock-related rules and

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