Bike Racing Robot Essay

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ME7732 :Mechatronic Design & Automation

Vrellos Fanourios
Papacharalampous Athanasios
Sarris konstantinos
Savvopoulos Dimitrios

Assignment 2
13/6/2015 Instructor: Dr.G.Chamilothoris

Literature Review.
Mobile robots have different configurations for locomotion. The most common of them are the wheeled robots which are used in research and education. There are also different types of steering control systems incorporated into them. The most relevant system to this study is a differential steering control system. To solve the problem of robotic motioning, a robotic
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The difference in speeds on the channels determines the rotation direction of the robot and same speed in forward or backward direction results in forward and backward motion, respectively. The rotation of wheels of the robotic system is done by the use of DC motors. The speed of DC motors is very much dependent on the input voltage given to it. These voltages are controlled to achieve differential speed on the channels of the robot. To control the speed of the channels, different voltage control mechanisms are used. The most relevant technique is PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). It has been used in this study to attain differential speed for faster and reliable voltage switching. For the reliable generation of PWM signals a controller system (Arduino) is used and in order to achieve voltage variations to the motors derived from the PWM signals, a motor controller is…show more content…
In this experiment, the robot was originally programmed to follow a four by four-meter square path which starts at (0,0) and the stopping positions for five complete cycles each in either clockwise (CW) and counter-clockwise (CCW) directions are displayed in the figure below.

4. PI control
There are numerous types of analog controllers available at one’s disposal, and the proper selection will depend wholly on the particular area of application. Two types of analog controllers are used throughout industry, and they are:
1. The ON-OFF controller system which is sometimes called an open loop controller.
2. The PID controller system which is sometimes called a closed loop controller.
Regardless of the type, analog controllers require input signals from electronic sensors such as pressure, differential pressure, level, flow meter or thermocouples.
Proportional – this is commonly referred to as Proportional Gain. The term is the curative action which is proportional to the error, which implies that, the alteration of the manipulated variable is equal to the proportional gain as multiplied by the error (this is the signal for activating).
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