Text-Steganography Algorithm

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Text- Steganography Implementation by
Largest substring method based on pattern matching algorithm
K.Aditya Kumar
Research Scholar, Osmania University
Asst Prof
Krishna Murthy Institute of Technology and Engineering, Hyderabad Dr.Suresh Pabboju
Head of IT Department
Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of technology
Abstract: Secure communication between the parties demands that the content be decipherable by unauthorized entities. Steganography, though earlier to cryptography, was not practiced primarily due to the reason that the cover it requires is multiple times larger than the cover message. Several new and innovative methods of algorithms are being conceived, developed and proposed. The
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Even when the text file and key both get hacked or interpreted by third party user it will open up text file which does not contain actual secret message until he knows what actually an Algorithm used he can’t retrieve the original secret message. This protects the data from being invisible and hence be secure during transmission. The user at receiving end uses an Algorithm of code to retrieve the actual secret message from the cover text using Matrix file as key.
Key words: Steganography, cryptography, cover text
Steganography is the art or practice of concealing a message, image, or file within another message, image, or file. The word steganography is of Greek origin and means "covered writing" or "concealed writing”, Cryptography and Steganography are ways of secure data transfer over the Internet. Cryptography scrambles a message to conceal its contents; steganography conceals the existence of a message. It is not enough to simply encipher the traffic, as criminals detect, and react to, the presence of encrypted communications. But when information hiding is used, even if an eavesdropper snoops the transmitted object, he cannot
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We take the character which is different and convert the character into binary format. We use this differed character to embed our secret message which is also converted into binary format. Then binary value of the secret message and the cover text is compared to find matching substring in the string. If it is not matched then we eliminate the last bit of the secret message and continue the process until we find matching substring in the string. When the matching pattern is found we create a matrix file with word number, starting delimiter and ending delimiter which acts as key for retrieving the secret
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