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A SECURE DATA HIDING IN VIDEO BASED ON LFSR METHOD Rajpreetha C1 PG Scholar, M.E Communication System S.A. Engineering College Chennai, India Vanitha Lakshmi.M2 Research Scholar S.A. Engineering College Chennai, India Abstract—In various areas, information security is very important due to the development of high speed computer networks and internet. Steganography is developed as a technique for securing the secrecy of communication. In this paper, the secret information are directly hidden in the original video in a random order by using linear feedback shift register method that generates the pseudo random sequences. The cover video along with hidden information is then encrypted by…show more content…
Due to this type of development, the information which is sending from the sender to the receiver, the panic of sneaking the data will be increased. For this security purpose, the concept of Steganography is used for the secure data transmission from the sender to receiver through the internet. It is a technique used to transfer a secret message from a sender to a receiver in a way such that a potential intruder does not suspect the existence of the message. The goal of Steganography method is to hide the secret message within another digital medium such as image, audio, text or video [1]. Steganography is adapted from the Greek word Steganosgraphia which means "hidden or covered writing"…show more content…
BASIC MODEL OF STEGANOGRAPHY The basic model of Steganography as shown in Fig.1 which it uses a cover medium (It used to hold secret data inside), the secret message (the secret data that is to be sent), hiding method (It used to hide secret message inside carrier file and produce the result is Stego-file) and an Encryption algorithm (the procedure is to encrypt Stego-file). The result of the process is the Encrypted Stego file which is the encrypted digital image/video that has the secret message hidden inside. Encrypted Stego-file is sent to the receiver via communication channel where receiver will get the secret data out from the Stego-file by applying an extraction technique/algorithm. IV. VIDEO STEGANOGRAPHY Steganography can be applied to video files i.e., if we hide information in a video file is known as Video Steganography. The video file along with hidden information should not be predicted by hacker [5]. The diagram of the proposed method as shown in Fig.2. 1) Data Embedding Process: • First the original video is spilt into number of

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