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A Survey of Different Steganography Techniques

Steganography is defined as the study of invisible communication. It usually deals with the ways of hiding the existence of the communicated data in such a way that it remains confidential. It maintains secrecy between the two communicating parties. The main objectives of steganography are high capacity of the hidden data, perceptual transparency (invisibility), temper resistance, undetectability, computation complexity and robustness. It is classified into three categories; Pure (no key), Secret key, Public key steganography. There are five types of steganography; image, audio, video, network and text. In image steganography, secrecy is achieved by embedding data into cover image and
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Data hiding is the art of hiding data for various purposes such as; to maintain private data, secure confidential data and so on. There are lots of techniques used for data hiding; Steganography and Watermarking; Steganography is an ancient well-known technology which has many applications even in today’s modern society. It is the art and science of hiding a secret message within a cover media in such way that only intended recipient have knowledge about secret message and the extraction of it at its destination. Cover media can be image, audio, video, text and network. It is concerned with sending a secret message while hiding its existence. The word "steganography" is derived from the Greek words “steganos” meaning “covered” and “graphie” meaning “writing” defining it as “covered writing” [1,…show more content…
Next section introduces the basic structure of steganography; the types, the terminologies, the factors affecting on the steganography. Section 3 presents the different categories of steganography. Section 4 discusses the various techniques of steganography. Section 5 presents the different applications of steganography. Section 6 gives the robust image steganography against attacks. Finally, section 7 introduces the conclusions.

2. Basic Structure of Steganography

Steganography is not only the art of hiding data but also hiding the fact of transmission of secret data. It hides the secret data in another file in such a way that only the recipient knows the existence of message. In ancient time, the data was protected by hiding it on the back of wax, writing tables, and stomach of rabbits or on the scalp of the slaves. But today’s most of the people transmit the data in the form of text, images, video, and audio over the medium in order to safely transmission of confidential data [11].
The main steganography equation is:

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