Steganography Techniques Using Cryptography

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Steganography Techniques Using Cryptography-A Review Paper
Himanshi Sharma
MTech(CSE) IInd Year
E-Max College of Engineering and Technology
Ambala, Haryana, India
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Abstract: The two important aspects of security that deal with transmitting information or data over some medium like internet are cryptography and steganography. Cryptography results in converting plain text into cipher text which is in unreadable or in non-explanatory form, difficult to be guessed by eavesdropper, Steganography on the other hand hides the secret data into carrier medium in such a way that its detection is prevented. Steganography is not a replacement of cryptography but can supplement it to produce good results. It is observed
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The two important techniques for providing security are cryptography and steganography. Both are well known and widely used methods in information security. One of the reasons why attackers become successful in intrusion is that they have an opportunity to read and comprehend most of the information from the system. Intruders may reveal the information to others, misuse or modify the information, misrepresent them to an individual/ organisation or use them to plan even some more severe attacks. One of the solutions to this problem is through the use of cryptography and steganography.
Steganography is the art of hiding information in digital media through the techniques of embedding hidden messages in such a way that no one except the sender and the intended receiver can detect the existence of messages. Cryptography is the art of transmitting the data safely over the Internet by applying some cryptographic algorithms so that it will be difficult for an attacker to attack or steal some confidential or private
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Steganography usually not designed to replace the cryptography but it helps in creating more secure communication after combining with cryptography by using best of both techniques. Thus it is proved that using cryptography techniques which use compression, hash function, automatic key generation, distortion process etc., the data becomes more secure and robust as compared to steganography technique alone. Thus the encryption of secret message and then hiding results in more secured

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