Stella By Starlight Essay

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The book, Stella by Starlight has historical accuracy and many real life examples of the early 1900s. In the past, segregation and racism were occurring around the world. Black people went through many struggles in their lives. A book that shows this is Stella by Starlight written by Sharon Draper. In this novel, a young, black girl named Stella struggles with unequal rights compared to white people in the town of Bumblebee, North Carolina. She has a little brother named Jojo and parents that are upset and scared about the Klu Klux Klan and what they might do to the black people in their town. Stella and Jojo have many problems that they have to face. One example is when the klu klux Klan was trying hurt and kill black people. Stella 's family…show more content…
Racism was horrible in the 1870s because black people were judged by their skin color. Racism is when people treat black people unfairly and have unequal rights compared to white people. Also, Martin Luther King Jr. Went through a horrible situation. For instance, he tried to make a speech because he wanted to stand up for himself and for the other black people. Then a white person came and shot him to death because he was a leader that was black. The book Stella by Starlight also shows racism. For example, when Stella and jojo’s parents wanted to vote the white interviewer asked them all these questions about the government to prove that they know stuff about the government. If they got one wrong, they could not vote. The white person who came into the town hall to vote was allowed to vote without answering any questions. This showed racism in the town of Bumblebee. Another topic that shows historical accuracy throughout the book Stella by Starlight is hate crimes. Hate crimes are when white people do criminal things. Hate crimes are very similar to racism and segregation in many different ways. For example, the white people would destroy properties, harass, and they would even send them offensive letters. The book Stella by starlight shows hate crimes in at least one way. For example, is when The k,k,k would hang black people, Choke them, destroy property, and even burn crosses in
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