Stella's Short Story: A Streetcar Named Desire

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Stella thought Mauricio was off to see his love, so she circulated the room to rejoin Dr. Edwards and Sol. She searched for him amongst the tables to see what happened next, awkwardly she found him sitting next to another woman. Fearing this night would go to hell she vociferated in annoyance, “What is happening with this picture? He was jealous and protective of her as she entered the room and now he is sitting next to that lady.” Suddenly she panicked worse remembering, “Oh, My! I gave him alcohol!”
Sol saw him with her own eyes and became horrified. She demanded! “Who is she? Where is the list? Let’s get her out of here. I need Luna to fall in love with him and now this woman is in the way.”
Stella kept her eyes affixed on his every move
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