Stem Cell Research Informative Speech

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The current state of medical experiments is more positive than it was in the past. There are a lot more rules and regulations in medical experiments today. Informed consent is a new aspect of experiments that was not present in the past. Informed consent is where subjects in a trial must sign a waiver and be informed of every aspect of a trial before taking part in it. Written in the consent form the Food and Drug Administration requires providing the possible participants with complete and adequate information, facilitating the participants understanding, obtaining the participants voluntary agreement, and continuing to provide information to the participant as the trial progresses (Informed Consent for Clinical Trials). Although subjects…show more content…
Stem cells are unspecialized cells that are capable of renewing themselves through cell division (Stem Cell Basics I). This allows stem cells to be reprogrammed and regenerated which offers new potentials for transplants to treat various diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. The stem cell process is specific and has to be followed correctly in order to ensure success. During the stem cell process the patient receives a high-dose of chemotherapy, which is then followed by the stem cell transplant (Stem Cell Transplant). This allows the newly inserted healthy stem cells to grow and replace/repair the previous diseased cells. When it comes to stem cell transplants, just like any other experiment, there are risks and rewards. Unfortunately, the stem cell transplant process comes with harsh side effects. For example, the chemotherapy can damage hair follicle cells resulting in the hair falling out, or it can affect the cells that line the gastrointestinal tract (Managing Side Effects). There’s also possible side effects of infections, low blood count, depression, peripheral neuropathy and sleeping issues. With all the negative, there is one bottom line. The disease intended to be treated will be…show more content…
Although they went about it the wrong way, the end result was a success solely based on the fact that they found a cure for syphilis, which was penicillin. I disagree with the way the males were deceived and left untreated. In terms of the stem cell research and transplants, I agree with these experiments. Although there is potential danger taking part in these experiments, I believe the rewards outweigh the risks. Stem cell transplants can lead to improvement and potential cures for diseases. The process and long and strenuous, but if a success can lead to a new life for the patient with a disease.

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