Stem Cell Research: Pros And Cons

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Throughout the years, there have been immense scientific discoveries made which lead to advancements in Gene Technology. Examples include the advancements that were made in stem cell research. It is considered a controversial topic that causes intense debates even today among different groups and communities. In my opinion, even though stem cell research has lots of advantages including curing incurable diseases and helping infertile men and woman overcome their problems as a student I think it opposes morals and ethics as well as having disadvantages and risks.
To begin with, stem cells can be defined as undifferentiated cells which then become dissimilar and develop into more specialized cells. There are in essence two sources used by scientists
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In my opinion, avoiding this risky procedure is better since the negatives outweigh the positives. Many complications may arise during the procedure and they are fatal. The complications vary depending on the condition being treated and all of the background about the patient. Examples of the complications and predicaments that arise include the following side effects: stem cell failure in which all the procedure fails and has no positive impact, organ and tissue damage, infections may happen, cataracts, the infertility of the patient and the worst is the formation of new…show more content…
Therefore, it is a problem that will arise since there will be conflicts between people as a result of differing opinions. Certain religions consider it to be immoral. From the point of view of a Christian they have concluded that the status of an embryo is similar to that of a human because it will become one and thus they should be treated with respect thinking of the human it will become. The main concern for religious groups as such from all religions is that through this they are “playing god”. They believe that messing with Gods will is erroneous and this will cause problems to arise between different groups who oppose the opinion therefore stem cell transplants are better off avoided and only tested in the laboratories but not performed on humans.
In conclusion, stem cell research does have lots of disadvantages that outweigh the advantages and it is a good reason to not use it as an approved procedure currently but attempt to study it more, develop and it improve it so that at one point in the future it may become more ethical and acceptable than it is at this
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