Stem Cell Research Pros And Cons

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The controversy over stem cell research is one of the most heated and debated issues in today’s society. The higher cost of such therapy makes it an ethical concern as this will not be within our means for the ordinary person (Dresser, 2010). The costs associated with research and clinical trials will be through the roof, but these costs will reduce as time and our knowledge evolves. Once successful, it will inevitably become a trend in the future. Stem cell therapy is at its beginning stages and already we see results that we once thought were inconceivable. Just like every other method of treatment for any condition, costs decrease as the rarity of the treatment decreases (Dresser, 2010). Unquestionably, stem cell therapy is the future of medical care and is the latest advance in the medical field…show more content…
The goal of stem cell research is in understanding the human development and treating chronic diseases. Indeed, some supporters state that stem cell research will pave the way for “regenerative medicine,” in which the tissues and organs that deteriorate with age will be replaced with new ones created from stem cells (Dresser, 2010). According to this group, interventions advanced through stem cell research will substantially extend the human life span. Should extending the average U.S. life span be a precedence in research funding decisions? Would it be more defensible to give conditions that cause premature death a higher priority? Should strategies targeting prevention rather than treatment have a higher priority (Dresser,
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