Stem Cell Therapy Argumentative Essay

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Leukemia, autoimmune disorders, and blood diseases are all disease that can harm and hurt people. These disease could be fixed with one simple fix: stem cell therapy. While stem cell therapy can be very beneficial. Much is still not known about research for stem cells. Most stem cells come from two sources; either healthy adults or from embryos. The question that comes to most people’s mind is, is that individuals argue that genetic experiments such as stem research should not be allowed while proponents believe it should run free. Genetic experiments especially those done with CRISPR. CRISPR is a molecular editing tool used by scientist to edit genes. CRISPR has been used to make animal models of human diseases. CRISPR is also used to edit…show more content…
Embryonic cells are technically a supercell, able to change into any of the 220 different kinds of cells. These cells are taken during the fertilization stage. These mass of cells are technically not alive, since no consciousness is present. These stem cells can help cure diseases such parkinsons, dementia, and many blood disorders. Stem cells can even help create skin for burn victims. Stems cells that come from embryos are unethical. Pulling stem cells out is morally wrong because they are not consenting. It’s against our morality to take stem cells from a baby. The extraction of stem cells from human embryos causes the destruction of the human life. Embryonic stem cells should not be banned in the United States because it holds many benefits that we can reap as long as it is not halted. Stem cell research is as safe as ever with a number of guidelines created by scientists. The public even recognizes the benefits of stem cells research. Embryonic stem cell research should be banned in the United States because there is no oversight in what these scientist are doing. For example scientists are allowed to inject non-human things with human cells to create chimeric like experiments. They are essentially playing god. This is very

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