Stem Cell Transplants Persuasive Speech

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You want to feel insignificant? Be an advocate for your own life and your own health and attempt to fight insurance companies and try to impress upon them the importance of your life and your quality of life. Every one of the paid puppets will feed you the same line over and over. Quality of life is not the insurance companies concern. Their concern is the premium you pay, if you pay it on time and that you stay sick enough that you have to stay insured. A sick society dependant on health care is a controllable society. To undergo a stem cell transplant could mean the end of MS. Therefore, no more MRI 'S, no medication, no doctors visits. When the insurance analyzes this they do not take the overall wellbeing of the patient in mind, what they…show more content…
Then the entire process of finding a "treatment" has to start over, and they 've shown when patients go off of Tysabri they tend to suffer stronger relapses. So instead of approving a treatment that would be a one time cost that could be an over all cure, I 've been approved for treatment that costs more, but it also means I stay sick, I continue to rely on health insurance, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. My question is how is this legal? How is this moral? Shouldn 't we be able to decide what treatment we receive, expecially when we 're paying premiums that just continue to rise? Continuing Obamacare will continue this line of "care". If the government wants to regulate our health insurance they need to regulate where it 's having the strongest effect, at the top. The pharmaceutical industry should not be able to inflate the costs to what they have, the facilities should not be able to charge the costs they do, the malpractice should not be able to charge what they do. If we are to be forced to put out our ALREADY taxed dollars to purchace a private product then that product should have to pay for ALL the needs of their customers, they should not be able to pick and choose and force customers to stay sick

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