Stem Cells Argumentative Essay

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One of the most important arguments to this debate is presented through the scientific lens. Although embryonic stem cells pose enormous potential to treat and cure diseases and conditions, adult stem cells are more effective in treating these conditions. Adult stem cells pose a much lesser risk of forming tumors or not functioning as originally intended (Smith). Adult stem cells are also currently used today, as bone marrow transplants are a form of stem cell treatment (Stem Cells in Use).
Understanding how the adult stem cells are used in treatments and their successes is necessary to learning why adult stem cells are more effective than embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells are used widely today. Bone marrow transplants are often used to treat Leukemia- a form of cancer that affects white blood cells- or to help replenish the cells of anyone who underwent chemotherapy treatment. Bone marrow transplants have been performed since the late 1960s and have a 100 day survival rate of 98 percent (Volumes and Measures). Adult stem cells can also be used to grow skin grafts for patients with life-threatening burns (What Diseases and Conditions can be Treated With Stem Cells?). New research shows that
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Adult stem cells are more effective than embryonic stem cells because of new technology. A new drug allows the adult stem cells to attain some of the major benefits of embryonic stem cells. Shinya Yamanaka, a scientist from Kyoto University, devised a way to revert adult cells back into a stem-cell like state (Yong). This process could be used to revert a patient 's own cells back into stem cells. He eventually won a Nobel Prize for this achievement. This process provides a safe alternative to embryonic cells, as the stem cells did not produce tumors. Adult stem cells are also being found in more tissues than ever thought (Stem cell Basics). This would allow many different uses of the adult stem cells, as they can only form certain major cell types of a tissue or
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