Step Brothers Film Analysis

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Taking after many other comedies before it, Step Brothers enlists two comedic actors, both well known for playing outrageous characters (in this case playing two adults who act like they still children), who play best friends. Much like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson did before them in Wedding Crashers, Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly work together to create a movie that truly shines a light on the common bromance. Most bromances portrayed in film tend to have a relationship that follows ones in romantic comedies. Like many male bromance of the 21st century, the relationship that appears to be close friendship between Dale and Brennan could be read as more romantic. In Step Brothers, 39 year old Brennan (Will Ferrell) and 40 year old Dale (John C. Reilly) are forced to move in with each other other when their parents get married. For the first third of the movie, Brennan and Dale are in a constant power struggle, each trying to prove himself better than the other and eventually escalates to Brennan literally rubbing his genitalia on Dale’s drumset to show that he won’t abide by his rules. After sharing one moment of common interest, their mutual hatred of Brennan’s brother, Derek, they find out that they actually have much in common and become best…show more content…
The relationship of the two friends in Wedding Crashers follow the same kind of journey. At the beginning of movie, they are already very close but then, about halfway through the movie, they start to drift apart. During this time of being apart, they both try to make new friends but eventually realize that they need each other and become best friends again, hence
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