Steph Curry Research Paper

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“There 's more to me than just the jersey I wear, and that 's Christ living inside me.” This is a quote from Wardell Stephen Curry II that shows that he has a strong faith and he is not a selfish man. Curry was born into a very athletic family, everyone in his family is or has played a sport and was successful. Curry mostly grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, but he also lived in Toronto Canada. Curry moved his way up to professional basketball quickly skipping his senior year in college along the way. He has had a career with ups and downs, including multiple injuries, but he has had a successful basketball career. Today Curry is a successful basketball player receiving many awards, and he also has lived a successful personal life.
Curry grew up in an athletic family in Charlotte, North Carolina. Curry was born on March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio to Sonya and Dell Curry. Curry was born in the same hospital as a former basketball star, Lebron James. Curry is the oldest of his brother Seth Curry, and sister Sydel Curry. Athletics runs in the Curry family. Dell Curry played professional basketball too from 1987 to 2002. Sonya Curry played volleyball at Virginia Tech along with Sydel years later who plays at Elon University. Seth Curry also plays professional basketball. Steph Curry has played basketball since the age of 5, and he grew up watching Dell
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Curry went to a montessori school opened by Sydel. He went to high school at Charlotte Christian High School. Curry wanted to wear the number thirty in honor Dell who wore the number thirty but the jersey was too big so Curry wore twenty. He had also met a current teammate Kevin Durant. Curry met Durant at the age of ten when Durant walked into a little league game seeing Curry shooting from a great distance, Durant wondered who the kid was. Muggsy Bogues was always Curry’s favorite player as a kid because how short Bogues
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