Stephan King: Why We Crave Horror Movies

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There are multiple people who are intrigue and love horror movies without knowing the reason. In Stephan Kings essay, “Why We Crave Horror Movies” he does his best to find an answer to the question “why do people crave horror movies?” Throughout his essay he came up with certain key points to answer the question. At the beginning of his essay, he makes a bold statement that “we are all mentally ill.” He motions that people just watch horror movies to portray their fearlessness while suppressing their true emotions. He also mentions that certain people find horror movies pleasurable because they enjoy seeing others suffer. King also explains our mental insanity through “sick jokes” in which he explains jokes that are harsh although we find them funny. King believes that watching horror movies and stating sick jokes allowed us to release our insanity. I do not believe that horror movies help us stay lucid. I actually believe that horror movies can lead to violence and affects a person’s mental status. King states that horror movies keep the “hungry alligators” under control. What he means by this is that horror movies keep us, humans, from committing crimes or violence. King assumed that people who watched horror movies and the horrible things that are shown would satisfy them and they would not want to commit a crime. I disagree with him because if this were the case our crime rate would be lower. His argument has no evidence he is just stating biased arguments. Last month
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