Stephanie Ericsson The Ways We Lie Summary

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Why do people lie? According to the article by Stephanie Ericsson “The Ways We Lie” the white lie is people that lie because they believe that telling the truth can hurt someone or do more damage than good. The White lie to me is the most dangerous one. I have witness a white lie and it did more damage than good. Recently my friend found out after 11 years that one of his kids weren’t his. That white lie did more harm than good. I believe that something so sensitive like that should never happen. My friend really wanted a kid and he was just dating this girl at the time when she got pregnant and she knew that. When he found out he was so happy. The problem was that she had been dating my…show more content…
It was so hard because the kid was so angry and so hurt that he started acting out. The kid would talk down to him tell him he wasn’t his father and that was something he couldn’t deal with. So my friend stopped picking him up, and stop spending time with him. He still sees him from time to time but it won’t ever be the same. That lady never imagine that lie would have ever come out. She will always regret that for the rest of her life. Like in Ericsson article when the Vietnam told one of his men’s family that he was missing knowing he was died but thought they would be better off financially that way but instead it brought the family more grief. “Yet for twenty years this family kept theirs hopes alive, unable to move on to a new life.”(Ericsson Pg.316) See that a white lie most of the time destroys people. Evidently the white lie is the most dangerous one. Everyone lies that is something that we all do no one can say they do not lie. Is it right? No its not right but it happens we just need to make sure that when we do tell a lie that you look at it in all angles. Like the story I just told you she only thought of one person she did not look at it any other way. Let us think before we
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