Stephanie Garcia Short Story

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Stephanie Garcia, two common Hispanic names, work together in a sort. Stephanie, meaning

crowned or crowned in victory in many forms works well with Garcia, meaning in Spanish brave in

battle. Though originally my parents didn’t decide my name because of what it meant. But because it

was her last go-to.

For a long while, mom never had the chance to check my gender, Mexico wasn’t the kindest to

its people when it comes to medical care; and so she assumed I would be a guy. She bought boy toys,

clothes, picked out the name Ricardo, meaning powerful ruler, and had the room ready once she came

over here. At my birth mom realized just what gender I was, and so named me after a family member

who was just as headstrong as she was.
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Put the students in

ABC order by last name and you’ll have a roomful of Garcia’s (and will still have enough spilled over), a

lot of them will be Stephanie, Stephany, Estefanie, and so on. So of course I am none too happy with

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