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Who is Stephanie Glynn? I, Stephanie Glynn, am an independent, over achiever with many goals. The top accomplishment on my list is to get a scholarship to Our Lady of Holy Cross and go for nursing. I would like to work in the ER, so every day I can save a life and put my imprint in the world. When I help a person, it puts the biggest smile on my face and I want to have the opportunity to do that every day. In my life, much has shaped me to be the person that I am today. For example, I am bullied and have been for many years. I kept it to myself and let it grow worse. Then, last year I found a teacher that I felt I could trust and told this teacher everything that had and was still happening. Through that experience, I felt better. Very rarely am I still bullied, but my blood is not boiling and I feel I have someone who I can talk…show more content…
When my parents split around fourth grade, I changed. I began to rapidly gain weight and could not lose it because of my family’s history. I also became very anti-social and stayed in my room with a vow of silence that I put on myself. One last thing that I believe shaped me not growing up understanding the going to Grandma’s for dinner stereotype. Two of my four grandparents, both of my grandpas, passed away before I was born. My mom’s mom passed a few weeks before Katrina and my dad’s mom passed away this past about a year ago during winter break. My family issues, I believe, have shaped me to be able to deal with sorrow and regret. Even though my life isn’t always perfect, I still have many hobbies and interests. Some hobbies I have taken up recently are baking and crocheting. Much of my family loves to bake so baking comes naturally to me; although crocheting, on the other hand, I have been working to learn and become good at this new hobby. Dancing has also been a big part of my life. I danced for nine total years before deciding to quit this year so I can make room for

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