Stephanie Marley-Wise Reflection

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I am writing in support of Stephanie McGuire-Wise for the ACES Supervision Award. Mrs. McGuire-Wise is my clinical supervisor at The University of Toledo’s Counseling Center. She is an excellent clinical supervisor and a kind, generous person who is devoted to her clients and supervisees. In supervision, Mrs. McGuire-Wise always provides useful feedback regarding my counseling skills, challenges me to accurately perceive the thoughts, feelings, and goals of my clients and myself; and is open to my input and feedback about the counseling sessions. She is very collaborative during the supervision process and this helps me to identify themes and patterns for my clients, create and implement appropriate goals for my clients, and apply interventions and techniques to help my client achieve their goals. Not only does Mrs. McGuire-Wise help me to enhance my counseling skills but she also helps me to examine my cultural values and beliefs when challenging clients. In my…show more content…
McGuire-Wise is an excellent clinical supervisor because she is aware of my strengths and capabilities and she pushes me to see those strengths and capabilities. Her support and guidance helps me to see that I have a lot to offer my clients. She is also culturally sensitive when supervising me because she is very open and willing to learn from me. I believe this behavior enhanced my counseling skill because I am also more open and willing to learn from my clients. Mrs. McGuire-Wise’s patience, support, and knowledge are very encouraging because it motivates me to become a better counselor. I am very fortunate to have Mrs. McGuire-Wise as my supervisor and I honor to write this letter to support her for the ACES Supervision Award. She is a wonderful person who has helped me to become a better a counselor and I know she has helped others to become better counselors as well. She has made a difference in my life and I believe she will continue to do so during my time at the Counseling
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