Good Girls Go Bad For A Day Analysis

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Good Girls Go Bad, for a Day In Good Girls Go Bad, for a Day, by Stephanie Rosenbloom, she demonstrates that on October 31ST, instead of it being a day for treats and giggles, it has turned into a bucketful of eye-candy. She expresses that buying tight skirts and high heels, should not be accepted and wonders why it is used by many women as an escape. Her argument that Halloween has become too sexual is expressed in several examples from a variety of people. Ethically, the author states whether or not women should question going out dressed sexually, even if it was for one night. Because of her examples from people who you would never think to dress provocatively, this will help to persuade the readers of the realization of how women just to want to dress out of the norm. Stephanie Rosenbloom argues the message and logical reasoning for, “Why have so many girls grown up to trade in Wonder Woman costumes for little more than Wonderbras?”(165). She drives the readers to reflect upon their own experiences on the night of…show more content…
Even the girls who wouldn’t dream of going to class without their pearls and pullovers.”(Carrie Jean Bodner 168). This sentence makes the reader realize that even the ivy-league females use Halloween to escape their strict and hectic lives, to become an image opposite of their daily portrayal. This brings to light the understanding that women want to wear these outfits to get out of their daily mundane routine just for one night. Because of this statement, the tone of the essay is for people to go against women wearing these risqué costumes, and not to empathize them for their want to escape the norm. Although, in some ways the reader does feel empathy for the women who use Halloween as a get away from societal norms and beliefs, due to the unique style of the paper which gives examples from people who you would not expect, such as the library clerk, and the ivy-league
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