Personal Narrative: How To Change Habits

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How to change habits? Home life for something better. Perhaps you have put such a creative because you own life so many times before, however. But what if with a slight change of life get something completely different, not to say more? Stephen Covey, in his famous book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People other habit, start by keeping in mind the end (Begin with the end in mind), opened a short story to imagine your own funeral and speakers who in these moments of pain are saying about us. Imagine what would you like them to say what you were. Your partner or partner, children, friends and acquaintances. This is quite different from that what you really are. With a bit of sincerity to you and confess. And what if we change the own life to the point that these things be…show more content…
Later never came. - I have not had time for a new big project, and it's a change seemed excessive. I really believe I can do it, because the one who wrote is probably more disciplined than I am. - I was looking for inspiration, but I had the strength to actually spend. - I was planning to do, but never had the time for it. It's amazing, but I overcame it all. I actually started to change their life back in 2005, one by one habit. The ball is rolling, and has continued until today. I still change my habits, step by step, but looking back at all the changes that I made ... my life is unrecognizable from when I started. I thought about how to go from reading about the changes, according to taking action. What starts to change? There is a little change that you can do now? Maybe I can write on the calendar, send an e-mail to a friend to remind me, write a blog about it, start to write an action plan. If you can not find that little change that you can do right now, put it on a list of ideas, but in reality it is unlikely to be implemented. Was I ready to commit to change during the
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