Stephen Crane Research Paper

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“As he gazed around him the youth felt a flash of astonishment at the blue, pure sky and the sun gleaming on the trees and fields. It was surprising that Nature had gone tranquilly on with her golden process in the midst of so much devilment” A quote from Stephen Crane. While researching Stephen Crane, I realized that he was a great writer that tried capturing all the information and would go into great detail whenever he was writing. My goal in this paper is to inform you of Stephen Crane’s life.
Stephen Crane was born in Newark, New Jersey. Crane was the youngest child of 14 children. Crane got his inspiration to write from his father, a Methodist minister, mother, who was dedicated to social concerns, and his two brothers that were reporters. Crane wanted to higher his education so he attended the Hudson River Institute and Claverack College where he began to show interest in Civil War studies and military training. During his life at college, he started writing a rough draft of Maggie: A Girl of the Streets,
In 1891, he decided that “humanity was more interesting study” (poetry foundation) than attending college. He stopped going to college and began working as a full time reporter with his
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With Active Service (1899) he produced a novel that was flawed. In 1900, Crane’s health had deteriorated fast due to his disregard for his own physical health. After several respiratory attacks, Crane dies of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-eight. In 1988 a collection of Crane’s letters got published in The Correspondence of Stephen Crane.
Although I have found Stephen Crane to be an interesting person with great talent, he wasn’t always liked by the people he wanted to produce his books. Crane always went into great detail in his books, I wish more writers would start to write like
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